Check'em Bonbons

Check'em is a a 30 second animated film in association with Breast Cancer Care for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, starting October 1st. Each director was given a different word for breast to interpret into just under 1 second of animation. All the clips were then assembled to create the film. The end result is a playful and diverse collaboration that promotes the importance of checking for breast cancer. The Artists- (in order of appearance) Marc M - Brad Pitts Jack Sachs - Bazookas Pencil Bandit - Humpty Dumptys Ben Ommundson - Tonkas Jelly Gummies - Spongecakes Chris O'Hara - Mary Berrys Robert Loebel - Godzillas Everyone's Favourite - Wopbopaloobops Igor Bastidas - Twin Peaks Neal Coghlan - Bazongas Morgan Powell - Chesticles Dan Castro - Kahunas Jack Nelson - Shabba Doos Henrique Barone - Babylons Corentin Penloup - Chumbawumbas Griff - Puppies Caroline Attia - Bonbons Antonio Vincenti - Baloobas Andy Khosravani - Mammaries Ariel Victor - Jubblies Steve Smith - Fun Bags Sophie Koko Gate - The Twins Neil Kidney - Norks Vera Babida - Melons Yukai Du - Knockers Aran Quinn - Boobies Music and sound effects provided by Mcasso Music Written and produced by Seed Animation Thanks to Abigail Dankwa

I took part in a very nice animation project for breast cancer awareness month
Production : Seed Animation Studio
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